Oxford Street LGBTIQA+ social and cultural place strategy

We developed this strategy in consultation with the community.

Cover of the strategy document.

In 2022 we updated the planning controls for Oxford Street to unlock more development potential, encourage investment in the area as a cultural and creative precinct and maintain the unique heritage fabric of the street.

We heard that people value the strong connection between Oxford Street and LGBTIQA+ communities and want to see its social and cultural heritage recognised and maintained.

We’re working with community organisations, businesses, local landowners and the state government to deliver the strategy. It contains some short-term actions to enhance Sydney WorldPride and long-term actions for the precinct.


The strategy outlines 5 priority areas:

  1. recognising historic LGBTIQA+ places and spaces
  2. reflecting the contemporary LGBTIQA+ community within local businesses and venues
  3. increasing LGBTIQA+ cultural and social spaces
  4. increasing LGBTIQA+ visibility and identity throughout the precinct
  5. ensuring the local community is safe and supported.

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