CitySwitch Green Office

CitySwitch Green Office

Improving sustainability

CitySwitch Green Office is Australia’s flagship sustainability program for office-based businesses.

The City of Sydney is a program partner helping local businesses make the transition to a more sustainable environment.

The program is helping commercial office tenants around Australia to:

  • enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • manage energy price increases and mitigate business risks
  • work towards a carbon positive future
  • reduce waste
  • improve the health and productivity of employees.

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Tenants have a critical role to play – they influence up to 50% of the energy use in commercial office buildings.

Joining CitySwitch is free. Members have access to a dedicated program manager and a range of resources to help improve their sustainable business operations.

CitySwitch also hosts regular workshops and and a yearly awards program providing recognition for environmental leadership.

Become a CitySwitch signatory and join the growing network of over 700 forward thinking business leaders.

Last updated: Monday, 1 June 2020