Street safety cameras

Street safety cameras

An eye on the street

Certain areas of the City of Sydney have higher rates of crime than others. 

We have installed street safety (CCTV) cameras in these areas identified by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research to help NSW Police detect, prevent and prosecute assaults and robberies, and other serious offences such as property damage.

Specially trained security personnel at a Town Hall control centre monitor 106 cameras across the city centre 24 hours a day.

The live images can be transferred to police so they can respond quickly if someone’s personal safety is at immediate risk. 

The map below shows the locations of the City's street safety cameras or you can review the list of locations.

Privacy protections

The tightest privacy controls have been put in place to balance crime prevention needs and the right to individual privacy, which limits the scope of the safety camera program to crimes against the person, serious crimes and crowd management.

Our code of practice covering street camera use is rigorous. It includes an independent audit committee made up of legal experts and civil liberties advocates that is charged with ensuring the code is upheld. Each year after the audit, annual operational reports are produced.

Camera recordings are held for 28 days to help police with their investigations and legal proceedings if required. Street safety camera areas are clearly sign-posted to prevent crime, increase the perception of public safety and to make people aware for privacy reasons. 

View a larger version of the Street safety camera map

Last updated: Friday, 4 October 2019