St Helen's Community Garden

St Helen's Community Garden

Community garden in Glebe

As residents in Glebe grow ever more mindful of their ‘food miles’, St Helen’s Community Garden is giving green-thumbed locals the opportunity to grow their own fresh and local produce.

With the support from a City of Sydney grant, the 620 square metres block of land – located next to the library and community centre on Glebe Point Road – has been transformed into a series of gardens where locals can reap the rewards of their own organic harvests.

Sustainable systems

Local resident Jan Macindoe believes the garden will give people the chance to “experience the taste of newly picked vegetables, get their hands dirty and learn a new skill”.

And to minimise the environmental impact of the garden’s upkeep, rainwater tanks, a worm farm and a number of compost bins have been installed.

Accessible to everyone

Thoughtfully designed with ramp access and clear paths that guide you around the plant life, ornamental vegetable patch and secret garden, this green space in Glebe is accessible to everyone.

St Helen's Community Garden
184 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037


Last updated: Tuesday, 30 July 2019