Get a permit to dig a public road or footpath

A road opening application is required before you dig within a public roadway and footpath.

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What you need to do

You will be contacted to provide payment after your application has been reviewed.

Road opening applicationPDF · 108.77 KB · Last modified
Road opening permit guidePDF · 45.35 KB · Last modified

Before you start

This application form is not used for adding permanent driveways or replacing redundant driveways with new footpaths. These require a driveway application form to be completed.

Important information

  • This application must be read in conjunction with the road opening permit guide. Applicants must comply with all standard conditions detailed in the guide and any site specific conditions advised in the approval and in signing the form are agreeing to do so.
  • We're entitled to recover the costs incurred in rectifying or repairing any work which does not fully satisfy the standard conditions of approval. We may claim the amount expended from any bond or deposit and may recover any shortfall from the billable party cited on this form as a debt due and owing.
  • Works occurring during December are restricted due to extended trading hours and school holidays leading up to Christmas and New Year. All applications submitted for works during December will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • This application may be used for a maximum of 4 frontages of the same site.
  • This application form is not a permit. Works should not commence until a permit has been obtained.
  • A financial penalty or cancellation of a permit will apply for failing to comply with standard terms or any site-specific terms.