Create the visual identity for Refugee Week: terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

  1. Submissions are open to people who are refugees or seeking asylum in Australia and arrived in Australia from/after year 2000 and are 18 years old or older.
  2. Submissions must be the original work of the respondent and the respondent must have obtained all necessary approvals, rights, and clearances for the submission and from subjects included in the work, including any applicable third-party intellectual property approvals.
  3. Concept submissions must be suitable for a general audience.
  4. The City may request to interview respondents as part of its consideration process.
  5. Artists submitting new artworks that are shortlisted will be required to sign a letter of agreement with the City and will be paid a Concept Development Fee of $1,500 plus GST to further develop their concept over a two week period into a final submission.
  6. Selection of the successful submission will be at the absolute and sole discretion of the City. The City may also elect not to select an artwork following the EOI process.
  7. At the conclusion of Stage 2 the City reserves the right to seek minor amendments to the selected artwork to meet the City’s requirements for ongoing use.
  8. The successful artist will agree to grant the City an ongoing licence for which they will receive a licensing fee of $20,000 (excl. GST), including on a sole licence basis for a five-year term. Terms of the Licence are as set out in Annexure “A”.
  9. The Artist confirms consideration is given to Intellectual Property (IP) protocols and has the relevant community and cultural permissions to share or use any cultural knowledge whose ownership is shared or communally owned.

City of Sydney procurement guidelines

By submitting an EOI, the respondent acknowledges that:

  1. Council at its absolute discretion reserves the right to accept or reject any EOI.
  2. Council at its absolute discretion reserves the right to reject the offer of any respondent who has any unresolved disputes with the City.
  3. Any costs incurred by respondents in any way associated with the preparation and submission of the EOI, will be entirely borne by the respondent.
  4. No legal or other obligations will arise between a respondent and Council unless or until formal documentation has been signed.

Information and enquiries

Where a respondent has any questions about the expression of interest, the respondent must make enquiries to Vicky Skarlatos, social programs officer, at [email protected] or by phoning 02 9243 7325 during business hours. Please allow up to 2 business days for responses.

Respondents not to solicit City of Sydney employees

Respondents (or any representative of a respondent) must not at any time before Council makes a final decision to accept a bid, contact or interview or attempt to interview or to discuss or to attempt to discuss with Council members, employees or authorised representatives in accordance with the expression of interest, any matter about the expression of interest or any other expression of interest submitted in response to the expression of interest. The City of Sydney reserves the right to reject any bid submitted by a respondent which contravenes this condition. This condition does not prevent ordinary business or other contact arising from or pertaining to the City of Sydney functions.

Conflict of interest

Respondents must disclose any conflict of interest in undertaking the requirements of the specifications and contract. Where a respondent has a conflict of interest, the respondent must provide the City of Sydney in writing with detailed information about the nature and scope of the conflict of interest and include details of any arrangements proposed to resolve or manage the conflict of interest should the Respondent be awarded the contract. Based on the information provided by the respondent, the City of Sydney will make the final decision regarding the respondents conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest is not disclosed by a respondent and the City of Sydney then becomes aware of the conflict, respondents may be excluded from this expression of interest and/or any future process by which the City of Sydney is seeking the provision of goods or services.

Assessment criteria

Expressions of Interest will be examined and evaluated according to the criteria, artwork brief and terms and conditions outlined in the artwork and design brief.

Each of the mandatory evaluation criteria listed above is critical to this Expression of Interest. They are not of equal weight for evaluation and are not listed in order of priority.

Respondents’ compliance on each of the mandatory evaluation criteria will be separately evaluated using the evaluation rating scale below:

Score rating Description
90 – 100 No risk, excellent response with added value and innovation
80 – 89 No risk, excellent response
70 – 79 Very low risk, good response
60 – 69 Low risk, good response
50 – 59 Low risk, acceptable response
40 – 49 Medium risk, but acceptable response

If a respondent receives a score of less than 40 in any one mandatory assessment criteria, that respondent will be deemed non-compliant and will not be recommended for acceptance.