Our risk management principles

Allow us to identify and respond to opportunities for improvement and mitigate adverse outcomes.


The effective and conscious management of risk forms a critical component of our governance.

Risk management principles are embedded into the way we work, allowing us to identify and respond to opportunities for improvement and to manage and mitigate adverse outcomes. More information about risk management is contained in the governance guide, available for download below.

Internal audit

One of the ways we ensure good governance is through our internal audit program.

The program helps us accomplish our objectives by bringing a systematic, objective and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, and control and governance processes.

Another important element of the program is its focus on identifying opportunities for continuous improvement within our operations.

The Audit Risk and Compliance Committee oversees internal audit, risk management and governance. The committee includes 2 members of Council and 3 external independent members – one of whom acts as committee chair.

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