Outdoor dining terms and conditions


  1. Council can revoke, suspend or amend an approval if:
    1. conditions of the approval are breached
    2. public safety or access is compromised
    3. footway area is needed for public works

    Approval holder will be given notice of Councils intention and will be given an opportunity to make representations to Council.

  2. Furniture requirements to ensure safety and accessibility in accordance with the Outdoor Dining Guidelines.
  3. Hours of operation as per approved in footway approval.
  4. Entertainment and amplified music are not permitted
  5. Protection of Council property – if Council property is damaged, Council may carry out the necessary work and the Holder must reimburse the Council for any associated costs
  6. Applicant must disclose the new or extended outdoor dining to their public liability insurer.
  7. Footway Display Notice to be displayed in the premises ‘front of house’ at all times.
  8. Management requirements
    1. Patron capacity as per existing approvals.
    2. All structures, such as furniture, umbrellas, heaters etc, are to be removed from the seating area and stored within the premises
    3. Outdoor seating areas can only be used by seated patrons consuming food or drink, not for smoking.
    4. You may be required to amend the premises plan of management as it relates to the operation of outdoor dining.
    5. Fees have been waived until 31 October 2021.
    6. Operation of the area should be in accordance with any federal and state public health orders