5 reasons to work at the City of Sydney

1. An opportunity to make a difference

Working with the City gives you the chance to engage with the community, influence the physical environment and contribute to the sustainability and growth of Sydney. The City encourages you to be yourself – we value individuality and the creativity it sparks making for an interesting and productive workforce.

2. A diverse community

The City employs a diverse staff from a range of geographic, cultural and demographic backgrounds. We promote innovation through our staff to better serve the community.

3. Be part of something special

Working for the City means you are part of something bigger than yourself. You work will be a vital contribution to make Sydney a better place. You will be working with passionate, friendly, supportive people committed to working together to deliver for our communities – residents, workers and visitors.

4. Create endless opportunities

Training and development allows our staff to improve its skill set. We also encourage you to further your education with tertiary qualifications, including post graduate study.

5. Commitment to safety and welfare

While we work hard, we are committed to your wellbeing. Getting the balance right is important to us at the City. We place great emphasis on ensuring our workplace is safe and accessible.

Our range of businesses

The City employs around 1,900 people across a diverse range of areas and occupations.

  • Frontline services including customer service, libraries, childcare, community centres and rangers.
  • Operations including parks, trees and aquatic centres, security and emergency management, city infrastructure and traffic operations, cleansing and waste management, and venue management.
  • Events including major cultural and community events, late night economy and safe city.
  • Projects and property including design, streetscapes and portfolio management.
  • Planning and development including health and building, planning assessments, access and transport.
  • Corporate services including legal, governance, finance, strategy, marketing, community consultation and workforce and information services.

Development of our managers

We invest in our staff to further self-growth and become future leaders, which will allow us to better serve the community. Our leadership and management capability framework supports development, mentoring and coaching opportunities.

Employee benefits

Find out more about our competitive salaries, professional development programs and flexible working conditions.

Entry level opportunities

We are committed to various entry level initiatives to provide opportunities for young people to gain professional and organisational experience.

Conditions of employment

We are committed to ethical conduct, equal employment opportunities and the health, safety and welfare of our workers and visitors.

Last updated: Thursday, 11 May 2017