Conditions of employment

Conditions of employment

Conditions of employment

As a City of Sydney employee, you'll be a vital part of local government to serve our communities. You'll access a range of employee benefits, including up to 18 weeks (full pay) or 36 weeks (half pay) parental leave for eligible employees.

Your skills and experience will give you the opportunity to contribute to an organisation offering a diverse range of services, to ensure Sydney maintains its position as one of the most spectacular cities in the world.

Our people are rewarded and paid in accordance with the City of Sydney Wages/Salary Award 2017.

Staff designated by Council as senior staff are employed in accordance with the Office of Local Government senior staff contract.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct provides a set of guidelines for all City employees.

This code guides everything we do and outlines what is expected for all employees.

Key principles underpinning the code are integrity, selflessness, accountability, honesty and respect.

You can download the code of conduct.

Equal employment opportunities

The City is committed to providing a working environment free from discrimination.

The City incorporates diversity, respect, equity and merit into our equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination programs and strategies for employees.

We are also committed to employing and selecting people for jobs based on merit. This ensures the person selected for the job has the skills, knowledge, personal qualities and experience to meet the job requirements.

Equal opportunity is actively promoted at the City by:

  • creating an environment free of discrimination and harassment
  • providing clear and accountable policies and practices
  • developing equity strategies, plans and diversity programs to increase workplace access for under-represented groups
  • providing employees with comprehensive learning and awareness programs on equity issues
  • providing effective solutions to resolve complaints.

Our EEO strategies

EEO management plan

The City’s EEO management plan details the strategies and activities undertaken to ensure our EEO objectives are met.

The plan is updated yearly.


We encourage applications from a diverse range of applicants. We are an EEO employer and welcome applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from diverse cultures and people with disability.

The City ensures every person is given a fair and equitable opportunity to compete for any vacant position at the City, including access to interviews.


The City maintains work practices to eliminate discrimination. Information on the City’s EEO/anti-discrimination principles, including the EEO management plan is made available to all employees.

Training and development for managers

Managers at the City are trained to ensure when applicants are interviewed for positions, an applicant’s merit will be determined only on their skills, experience and qualifications.

Training and development is consistent with the principles of equity and support Council’s EEO objectives. This ensures all staff have the opportunity to contribute to the overall success of the City as well as enhancing their individual skills and competencies.

The City consistently strives to support and promote an inclusive and diverse workplace. We do this by ensuring employees are encouraged to demonstrate best practice and legislative changes.

Diversity at the City

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

We seek to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the workplace by fostering participation and becoming an employer of choice.

People with disability

We're committed to removing barriers and encouraging people with disability and caring responsibilities in the workplace.

LGBTIQ communities

We encourage people to be their best and achieve their potential. For LGBTIQ staff, that means offering a safe and respectful working environment where everyone feels valued. The City is proud to be an organisation where LGBTIQ peoples want to work.


We aim to create an environment where women have equal access to employment and career success, balance family responsibilities, contribute to communities, lead healthy, fulfilling, rewarding lives and attain economic independence.

Mature age workers

Our equitable policies and practices support an ageing workforce. We also offer programs for the transition of mature age staff into retirement.

Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Cultural diversity is valued at the City and we aim to support people newly arrived to Australia. We want to attract and retain the best talent regardless of background, including culturally and linguistically diverse people.

Work health and safety

We are committed to the health, safety and welfare of all our workers and visitors to the City’s premises, and locations where work is being carried out.

The City regards its work, health and safety responsibilities with the utmost importance and as such, resources are available to comply with all relevant acts and regulations.

All workers of the City, including visitors, have a shared responsibility for contributing to the health and safety of all persons in the workplace.

WHS risk management

The City has established and maintains a documented WHS safety management system with procedures for identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards.


A health and safety committee comprising employee and management supports staff.

Employee representatives and workers are able to provide independent input into the WHS policy and program. Management representatives who have the necessary power to authorise committee recommendations have been appointed to the committee.

Management consults with workers and visitors when planning work to determine the most effective means of ensuring both parties fulfil their WHS responsibilities.

Last updated: Monday, 29 October 2018