Design Excellence: Cultural Precinct Planning

2 September 2014

Connecting Sydney's cultural jigsaw

Cultural precincts are central to a city’s reputation, driving creativity, innovation and economic growth.

Over the next decade, some of Sydney’s leading cultural institutions will be creating ambitious capital development programs that will redefine their connection to the city.

Design Excellence: cultural precinct planning explores how we can use this period of cultural precinct development to re-energise our city, improve visitor experiences and better connect our cultural assets.

Arts and culture thought leader Adrian Ellis gives a keynote speech on his experiences developing cultural precincts around the world.

Adrian is the Founder of AEA Consulting, a leading cultural consultancy firm, and Director of the Global Cultural Districts Network, a federation of arts and cultural organisations and centres which fosters knowledge-sharing and co-operation in the cultural sector.

Moderated by Fenella Kernebone, speakers and presenters include:

Followed by a discussion with a panel of experts:

For more information:

Listen to Powerhouse Museum Director, Rose Hiscock talk to Fenella Kernebone on ABC Radio's RN about her vision for the museum.

Visit the Powerhouse Museum's vision page to learn about their plans for the next 10 years.

Or read the City's Creative City Cultural Policy and Action Plan to learn more about what we're doing for Sydney's cultural life. 

Last updated: Wednesday, 3 September 2014