Public art conservation program

The conservation of public artworks is a delicate and important process to ensure the integrity of artworks into the future.

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A golden statue of a young boy with a paddle leaning on an urn is lowered from above by a padded cloth strap. In the background is foliage behind a plywood barrier with colourful posters.

About this program

Our public art collection is of great historical and cultural value and is cared for through a comprehensive and extensive conservation program.

The conservation program involves professional conservators. These include artisans who work with all types of wood, metals and stone, and specialised craftspeople who have honed their skills in masonry, sculpture, painting and other finishes and trades. Where possible, we consult the original artists or their estates to maintain the integrity of the artwork.

Our approach

Our philosophy and process for public art conservation work is guided by the Heritage Office guidelines and Burra Charter principles. The Burra Charter advocates for ‘as much as necessary and as little as possible’. This approach ensures a light touch with all necessary work to safeguard the longevity of important artwork and artefacts.

Artworks we’ve conserved