Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

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Award-winning park in the city's east

Paddington Reservoir Gardens is an award-winning venue in the City of Sydney's east that has been completely transformed from its former life.

The reservoir was a vital source of water for the rapidly growing population in the 19th century. It ceased supplying water in 1899 and the site has been through a couple of uses since, including a garage and a petrol station.  It is now state heritage-listed.

Hailed as a blend of the ancient Baths of Caracalla in Rome and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Paddington Reservoir Gardens opened in its current form in 2009.

The project has restored as much of the reservoir’s original framework as possible, and re-imagined the space in a new way. Original brick, timber and iron fixtures were salvaged and the site is fused with contemporary and sustainable elements. It truly is a thrilling blend of old and new.

Stroll through the immaculate gardens and wide boardwalks. There are plenty of places to sit and have a rest. The roof-top features a stunning sunken garden, and vibrant graffiti art has been preserved in the eastern chamber. Hang around until the sun sets if you can, as the lighting detail transforms the space once again.

Paddington Reservoir Gardens won the Australian Award for Urban Design in 2009. The public space has also received the seal of approval from the ABC’s Art Nation (featured in the video on this page) and Gardening Australia. The gardens are accessible and entry is free. Bus routes 378, 382 and 380 stop nearby.


Paddington Reservoir Gardens
251-255 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021

Watch Art Nation's TV segment about the gardens

Last updated: Friday, 15 May 2020