What is bike share?

Bike share. What is bike share? A new way to travel in Sydney. Thousands of people are already using it. It provides easy and cheap access to bikes via a mobile app. It’s popular across Sydney and growing fast. Who’s behind it? Private operators run dockless bike share. They’ve agreed to guidelines for safe and responsible operations. Benefits of bike share: Convenient and easy to use; more people riding bikes helps to ease traffic and free up space on public transport; bike share is popular for short trips – to the shops, from the station/bus stop to home, or for leisurely weekend rides; affordable. Tips: Ride safely, wear a helmet, follow road rules and don’t ride on footpaths; park bikes near a bike rack or in a sensible place that doesn’t block access for others; vandalising bikes is an offence and should be reported to police; use the kickstand to park the bike upright; bikes should be parked away from buildings so they don’t pose a danger to people are visually or mobility impaired; report issues directly to bike share operators: Ofo 1300 783 859, Mobike 1800 861 201, Reddy Go 0432 111 199, oBike 0452 512 453.

Last updated: Monday, 23 April 2018