Barrenjoey Memorial Fountain

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Installed 1967
A pond in a park. In the pond is a circular island, and on the island is a circular fountain featuring a metal yacht sculpture.
A fountain featuring a stylised metal yacht resting on Olympic rings. Several jets of water shoot straight up in a ring around it. Daylilies surround the fountain, and several ibises stand nearby. In the background is a larger pond with a wooden bridge across it, and beyond that, a park with trees.
Close view of the metal sails of a yacht sculpture. The sails are made of perforated metal sheet, and adorned with lettering reading "5.5 KA 14".

Barrenjoey honours the winning crew who sailed in the 1964 Olympics.

Artist: Unknown

Artwork description

The Barrenjoey Memorial Fountain honours the crew of the yacht Barrenjoey, winner of the 5.5m yachting event at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The fountain consists of a replica of a yacht made of tubular metal with Olympic rings on a tiled round base. It was surrounded by spouts that shot water upwards between around 2m to 4m, however this aspect of the artwork was decommissioned in 2023.

The fountain is located on a small island edged in small shrubs at the centre of Lake Northam in Victoria Park. On the shore of the lake, there's a bronze plaque set in a sandstone base.

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