Bike sharing

Dockless bike sharing in Sydney allows people to access a fleet of bikes through a smartphone app.


Why it’s important

  • Bike share schemes have a key role to play in our transport future.
  • Dockless bike share allows people to access a fleet of bikes through a smartphone app. Bikes don't have to be returned to a docking station.

Guidelines for bike share operators

In December 2017, 6 Sydney councils produced the inner Sydney bike share guidelines. These guidelines set out expectations for dockless bike share operators.

They were produced by Canada Bay, the City of Sydney, Inner West, Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra councils with bike share operators and other stakeholders.

The guidelines: 

  • Inform customers about correct bike parking and responsible riding.
  • Monitor the location of all bikes daily to avoid build-up in an area.
  • Enable easy reporting of faulty or damaged bikes, or bikes parked in inappropriate locations, through an app, by email or phone.
  • Remove faulty or damaged bikes promptly.
  • Have a means to track bicycles, such as GPS.
  • Promote legal and responsible riding when members join and regularly afterwards.
  • Share data with government agencies for transport and urban planning.
Inner Sydney bike share guidelinesPDF · 82.44 KB · Last modified

Guidelines for bike riders

Bike parking

Consider the safety and comfort of all footpath users by parking bikes in a responsible manner. Keep footpaths and building walls clear for people walking or travelling along the street.

Park bikes near bike racks but don't take up space for regular users.

There are more than 3,000 bike parking places in the city. You can request bike parking on City of Sydney land.

Shared bikes can be moved if they're blocking the way or you can contact the relevant operator.

If a shared bike is causing a serious hazard, contact the City of Sydney.

Responsible riding

NSW road rules need to be obeyed at all times. NSW Police Force enforces the road rules and can issue penalties for offences.

Contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 for more information.

Bike share enquiries

We don’t manage bike sharing. Private companies operate bike share schemes.

If you see a damaged shared bike, please report it as illegal dumping.

Contact the bike share companies directly with any enquiries.




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