Creative Spaces Design Guides

Technical guidance on planning and building creative spaces like rehearsal rooms, theatres and artist studios.

Creative Spaces Design Guides City of Sydney and Arup cover

These design guides help to plan and deliver new creative spaces, like rehearsal rooms, performance spaces and artist studios. They are detailed technical reports to help ensure that new creative space projects are fit-for-purpose and deliver the best outcomes for the artists and creative workers who will use them. They are a resource for local government, the creative sector, property developers and anyone who is planning to build a creative space. They are free to use. More guides for additional types of spaces will be available soon.


  • Creative spaces are often delivered without due consideration for the specific operational, spatial, and technical requirements necessary for them to function as needed. This can result in spaces that are not fit-for-purpose, limited in creative potential or an ongoing burden to their users, owners and operators.
  • These Creative Spaces Design Guides have been developed to guide good decision making in the planning and delivery of creative space projects. They demonstrate best practice. Not all aspect will be applicable or achievable for every project.
  • These guides are detailed technical reports that should be used in conjunction with other guidance, expert advice and consultation with the intended operators and users of proposed creative spaces.
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