GreenPower and Large-scale Generation Certificates guide

Buying GreenPower or Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) are 2 ways you can prove you’re buying renewable electricity. Learn your purchasing options and the pros and cons of each.


This guide outlines what GreenPower and LGCs are and how to buy them.


  • Buying GreenPower and LGCs shows you’re actively helping to increase the amount of electricity generated from renewable resources – like wind and solar farms – in Australia.
  • GreenPower does the administrative work of ensuring a renewable claim is credible. When you buy standard LGCs, you’re required to do this work yourself.
  • You can buy GreenPower through your electricity plan. You can also buy it separate from your electricity plan.
  • You can buy LGCs anytime, either in arrears or to cover future emissions.
  • A carbon neutral energy plan doesn’t help get more electricity from wind and solar farms made. To reduce your emissions and claim you’re 100% renewable, you need to buy accredited GreenPower or LGCs.

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If you’re buying more than 500MWh of electricity a year, we recommend looking into a renewable power purchase agreement.