How to assist people experiencing homelessness or food insecurity

This guide provides advice on who to contact before you offer assistance to people experiencing homelessness or food insecurity.


There are already many providers offering food and other services to people experiencing homelessness in the City of Sydney local area.

Before you offer support to people experiencing homelessness you should contact our Homelessness unit.

Our team will determine how you can assist in the most effective way, to avoid over-servicing, waste and duplicating services already available.

If you wish to provide food or volunteer to assist people experiencing food insecurity, contact your local council or the NSW Department of Communities and Justice. They should be able to provide you with details of community organisations already supporting people experiencing food security issues in your local area. You might be able to partner with them to get your food to people who need it or do some volunteer work.

You can also contact organisations such as Givit, Oz Harvest or Food Bank, or look at the City of Sydney’s volunteer and goods donation directory