We work closely with our partners to support people experiencing homelessness and manage the public domain.


Link2Home is the NSW Government’s service that provides referrals to accommodation for people in immediate need. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1800 152 152.

Why we’re doing this

Homelessness is a complex issue with no single solution. Our homelessness unit works 7 days a week to support people experiencing homelessness and manage the public domain.

Action areas

Working in partnership with government, non-profit organisations and the corporate sector, we aim to:

  • facilitate people who are rough sleeping out of homelessness
  • prevent people from becoming entrenched in homelessness
  • help reduce homelessness in other regions
  • make sure people are assisted out of homelessness quickly
  • enact a compassionate and proactive approach to the management of public space.
  • homelessness action plan

How we’re doing this

We were the first council in Australia to have a dedicated homelessness unit in 1984. The unit has 7 employees including a manager, 2 senior project officers and 4 public space officers. The public space liaison officers work 7 days a week linking people experiencing homelessness to housing and support services and manage the public domain.

We follow the NSW protocol for homeless people in public places acknowledging that, like all other members of the public, people experiencing homelessness have a right to be in public places at the same time respecting the right of local communities to live in a safe and peaceful environment. We seek to take a compassionate approach to responding to homelessness in Sydney.

We provide $1.2 million to specialist homelessness services to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness. This includes 2 specialised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander outreach services, a general outreach service and a dedicated outreach worker and preventative program for young people.

We take an active role in creating opportunities for partners to work collaboratively or come together to reduce homelessness, exchange new information and learn from each other.


How to assist people experiencing homelessness or food insecurity

This guide provides advice on who to contact before you offer assistance to people experiencing homelessness or food insecurity.
Published 20 May 2024