George Street pedestrian boulevard and Devonshire Street public space

9,000 square metres of pedestrianised space will be created in the city centre and an open public space will be established in Surry Hills.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

We’re extending the pedestrian boulevard of George Street, Sydney from Bathurst Street to Railway Square and creating a new public space on Devonshire Street between Chalmers and Elizabeth streets, Surry Hills.

George Street south, pedestrianised from Bathurst Street to Rawson Place, will create 9,000m2 of additional car-free space in the city centre. The project is supported at all levels of government. It will be completed with a $7.05m contribution from the Commonwealth for part of the project on George Street and $1m from the NSW Government for the overall project.

The project includes:

  • extended pedestrianised zones at the southern end of George Street between Bathurst Street and Rawson Place
  • open space improvements on George Street between Rawson Place and Pitt Street, Ultimo Road, Thomas Street and Hay Street
  • more than 9,000 square metres of new space for walking
  • granite footpaths to replace car lanes
  • new street trees, seating and lighting
  • spaces for outdoor dining
  • simpler intersections to reduce travel times for everyone.

Local access and emergency services access will be maintained.

Artist impression of George Street, pedestrianised at Campbell Street
Artist impression of George Street, pedestrianised between Hay Street and Rawson Place
Artist impression of George Street, pedestrianised near Valentine Street

Next steps

New pedestrian boulevards on George Street from Bathurst Street to Rawson Place and on Devonshire Street, between Chalmers Street and Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills are officially open.

This area is a shared environment with the light rail, so remember to use caution when walking across the tracks.

Public domain improvement works are underway on George Street between Rawson Place and Pitt Street; and also in Ultimo Road and Hay Street, between George Street & Sussex Street, and should be completed in 2022.

Our contractor, Sydney Civil, began construction in March 2021, and is carrying out work in stages to minimise disruption.

Sydney Civil’s community liaison officer will contact local residents and businesses before construction starts in your area. They will keep you informed about the details and program of works.

The proposal was endorsed by Council on 14 December 2020. View the meeting minutes (refer to item 8.7).

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Light rail road closures and predestrianisation

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Map view of local access plan

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