Moore Park Road cycleway project

Enhancing safety on an important link between Bondi Junction and the city centre.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

The new cycleway along Moore Park Road will enhance safety on an important link between Bondi Junction and the city centre.

The 2-way separated facility will link the existing cycleway along the northern edge of Centennial Park (Oxford Street) to the existing shared path on Fitzroy Street and the Bourke Street cycleway in Surry Hills.

With the NSW Government, we're investigating the feasibility of a separated cycleway at Fitzroy Street.

The project will also make walking in the area easier.

Streetscape improvements include:

  • safe crossing points for people walking and riding bikes at intersections
  • a bus stop upgrade between Cook and Lang roads
  • removal of the slip lane on Lang Road and an extra left-turn lane
  • a safer path around the Korean War Memorial
  • more footpath space for people walking along Moore Park Road during events
  • more shrubs and grass
  • better street lighting for safety at night.

The cabbage tree palms in the central median will be removed for transplanting elsewhere. 56 brush box trees will be planted in the relocated central median. These large canopy trees will create shade and blend in with the existing trees alongside the road.

Consultation for the project is complete, with the final design in development. The project will be funded by the NSW Government. Construction of the project depends on state funding.

View details of the interim pop-up cycleway.