Camp Stonewall

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Installed from 10 September 2010 to 31 March 2011
2.4 metre high wall clad in glazed tiles with writing on random tiles
Wall clad in glazed tiles with writing on a tile that reads: 40 years and we'll keep on fighting
Wall clad in glazed tiles with writing on random tiles

Camp Stonewall commemorated the 40th anniversary of CAMP (Campaign Against Moral Persecution) – Australia’s first openly homosexual organisation – and celebrated the history of the local area.

Artist: Annie Kennedy 
This artwork was temporary and is no longer at this location.

Artwork description

Artist Annie Kennedy worked with leading gay and lesbian activists from the 1970s and the local community to create Camp Stonewall. The artwork created a resonant and powerful installation exploring the broader struggle for gay rights mixed with personal ‘coming out’ stories written by members of the local gay and lesbian community.

Camp Stonewall was composed of several elements. Juxtaposing the former women’s toilet block above ground with the historic former underground men’s convenience, where men met secretly and out of sight, the artwork recognised that homosexuality is now in full view and well integrated into our local community.

The artwork was a monument, both in its physical presence and in what it contained within its walls – the recorded history of gay rights.

“The wall reflects the monumental struggle for gay rights. Made up of the thousands of individual tiles it creates a huge impact on the landscape just as the struggle, composed of each individual action, led to great change.”

– Annie Kennedy, 2010


Annie Kennedy is a National Art School alumnus and has a particular interest in public art and the exploration of social issues. She was artist-in-residence at the school while working on the Camp Stonewall project.

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