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Installed 2014
Installation of tiny paper aeroplanes cast shadows and movewhile suspended on wires above Taylor Square
10 people stand in a stone walled area wearing white helmets with wind weathervanes  attached to the top.
Objects hand from the ceiling of a  white walled studio with wooden floor

Three artworks inspired by the wind, an invisible force that can be used but not captured, contained or owned.

Artist:Tim Knowles
Curator: Katie Dyer (National Art School)
This artwork was temporary and is no longer at this location.

Artwork description

Tim Knowles’ commission involved 3 public artworks ‘celebrating the power of the wind’. Based in and around Taylor Square, this project connected communities and inspired creative endeavours, changing perceptions of our surroundings and asking us to consider our city as more than a shifting sum of walls, traffic, viewpoints and blind spots to which we’ve grown accustomed.

Despite our highly urban existence, natural elements like the wind can and do determine our daily experience. Indeed the wind is a particularly unique phenomenon – an invisible force; uncontrollable, destructive and creative. For centuries, the wind has inspired myths and deities, generated life, and shaped the world’s landforms, climate and ocean currents.

Wind is an invisible force, uncontrollable, destructive and creative. It can be used but not captured, contained or owned. It is in constant flux and unlike water it has no political connections or implications. Wind has shaped the world, its landscapes and their fertility, and as a result, local and global economies.

“Simultaneously embracing nature, the unpredictable and technology, the art of Tim Knowles emphasises a serious purpose through a playful approach. Using the wind as inspiration for this project and the force through which the work is created, Tim accentuates the dependent yet often strained relationship humans have with the natural world.”

– Katie Dyer, curator 2012


Tim Knowles is a UK-based artist who has extensive international experience working in the public realm. His work embraces experience and action, digital technology, drawing, photography and video to consider the beautiful, poignant, troubled and sometimes humorous relationship humans have with the natural world.

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