Glebe Town Hall

The facade of Glebe Town Hall from across the road.
Glebe Town Hall clock on the facade of the building.
A hall leading to a staircase going down, with dramatic lighting and polished wooden floorboards and panels.

Glebe Town Hall is an accessible and sustainable community venue, retaining its heritage significance while providing modern facilities for community events to a capacity of 200 people.

Built in 1880, the venue is a beautiful example of the Victorian free classical style with its elegant rooms historically playing host to social and civic events from wartime balls and evening concerts to debating clubs and political meetings.


  • Close to transport included


  • Entry door type included


  • Floors


  • Lift included

  • Level access entrance included

    Mount Vernon and Lodge streets entrances.

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3D tour

The front entrance to Glebe Town Hall overlayed with a green icon and the words Explore 3D tour of Glebe Town Hall.

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