Wellbeing survey

Wellbeing survey

Survey highlights

79% of City residents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their life in the 2018 survey.

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At the City of Sydney, we recognise the importance of wellbeing in our community.

The City’s wellbeing survey is a broad-ranging health check of social, cultural and environmental factors that affect quality of life. Last run in 2018, the City undertakes this resident survey every 3 years to gain a picture of everyday life in the local area and how it changes. It helps us understand and advocate for our diverse population and plan services, programs and spaces.

The questionnaire covers:

  • personal wellbeing
  • access to services, recreation and arts activities
  • community involvement and connection
  • levels of civic engagement
  • health and safety.

2018 survey

The 2018 wellbeing survey data was collected during November-December 2018. Questionnaires were distributed to all City households and were available online. The survey was offered in English and 5 other languages commonly spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Indonesian, and Korean. 6,904 valid responses were returned, providing a strong sample of the community.

The 2018 survey is predated by the 2015 wellbeing survey and 2011 resident and household surveys which covered similar topics. Collectively, these surveys provide data for the Community Wellbeing Indicators framework and reports helping us track progress towards Sustainable Sydney 2030.


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Last updated: Tuesday, 12 November 2019