Wellbeing (residents) survey

Local surveys

The City of Sydney recognises there's more to being successful than just boosting economic output. As a result, when we periodically survey our residents, we ask a range of questions including many about less tangible aspects of health and wellbeing.

This information helps us understand our diverse and ever-changing resident community more personally. We can then better represent them and shape our services, programs and spaces to meet their needs.

The 2015 wellbeing survey is a broad-ranging health check of social and environmental factors and perceptions that affect quality of life in the local area. The survey was sent to all City of Sydney local area households in June 2015 and is open to all residents aged 15 years or over. Topics covered by the questions include:

  • physical and non-physical health and safety
  • levels of civic engagement
  • community involvement and connectedness
  • participation levels in recreation and arts activities.

The 2015 wellbeing survey is predated by the 2011 resident and household surveys which covered similar topics.

Collectively, these surveys provide data for the community (wellbeing) indicators framework helping us track progress towards Sydney 2030 and its 10 strategic directions.

Results from the 2015 wellbeing survey can be found in the Community Wellbeing Indicators 2016 report.


Steve Hillier
Research Manager
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Tuesday, 25 October 2016