Tabletop and board games

More than 40 titles for all ages.

Close up of a person moving a piece  while playing a colourful boarad game

Tabletop gaming

We have board and card games for friends and families to enjoy. 

Family games and party games are suitable for all ages and are easy to learn. Fun family titles include Cascadia and Ticket to Ride. Party games are quick to play with simple rules. Titles include Coup, Exploding Kittens and Sushi Go Party. 

Strategy-based games are best suited to players aged 12 and up. Popular titles include Brass: Birmingham, Catan, Dominion and Root.

Popular thematic games include Arkham Horror, Betrayal at House on the Hill and Mysterium. 

Games are suitable for solo and group play. 

Borrowing games

Library members can borrow a maximum of 2 games from the collection for 3 weeks.

There’s no age restriction to borrowing the games. The recommended age group is advised on the game packaging.  Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising children’s loans. 

Games are currently located at Darling Square Library and can be reserved using the online catalogue. They need to be collected from and returned to a library team member at any staffed branch. 

Fees apply for lost or damaged items. Members can replace the lost or damaged part with the exact item in new condition.