Magazine and newspaper collection

You can find over 450 print magazine titles in our library collections - from the newest issues to back copies of your favourites.

Reading a magazine online

Catch up on reading

We have all your favourite titles available to read in print and online.


Check out the online catalogue for a list of all the magazine titles the library holds.

Library members can also read over 3,000 popular magazines online. Released at the same time as the print editions, they are available to borrow for up to 21 days with no loan limits.

You will also find a great range of emagazines online through Library PressReader.


A collection of over 300 zines are also available for loan from Surry Hills and Kings Cross libraries.

Browse the catalogue to see the titles available.

Online Chinese language magazines

Dragonsource, is an online collection 龙源电子期刊 of over 2,000 popular Chinese language magazines.


Our libraries have vast newspaper collections. 

Sydney titles are featured and we have many more from around Australia and the world. 

The list below shows titles you’ll find at each branch.

Many titles are also available online through the Library PressReader website or the PressReader app.

You can search through other newspaper databases using your library login details.

Members can also read the print replica version of the Sydney Morning Herald online.

Step 1: login to the library catalogue (green box on top menu bar)
Step 2: select SMH 2006+ or SMH Archive on the top menu bar

Newspapers in print

Get the latest editions at our branches.