Biodiversity volunteering

Biodiversity volunteering

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Community groups work hard to make our villages a great home, not just for us, but for our plants and animals, too. These local groups are helping to restore local bushland by planting local indigenous plants, weeding and working to encourage birds, lizards and other species to live in our villages.


Jenny Kent
Community Garden and Volunteer Coordinator

Local groups When and where Contacts
Glebe Palmerston Landcare Lombard Street, Glebe 
Rozelle Landcare  Please contact the City for for meeting times. 
Pyrmont Ultimo Landcare Meets Wednesday mornings at various sites in Pyrmont and at Wentworth Park light rail station every Sunday morning. Pyrmont Ultimo Landcare
Friends of Orphan School Creek Meets periodically at Orphan School Creek in Forest Lodge.
The Glebe Society's Blue Wren Group Promotes small bird habitat conservation through planting days, working bees and other events in Glebe and Forest Lodge throughout the year.  Blue Wren Group

Wildlife programs

Microbat tracking

Did you know that each species of bat has a unique high frequency call? Although these are generally not audible to humans, by recording bat calls using a special bat detector we can determine what species inhabit the area.

Bats are unique animals and may be the most diverse and abundant native mammal located within Sydney. By volunteering for our microbat tracking program you will learn more about these interesting animals and play an important role in supporting local biodiversity.

Contact us to find out when and where the surveys will be held or sign up to the Urban Ecology newsletter for announcements.

Budding Birdos

In 2019, the City launched its first Budding Birdos program in partnership with Birdlife Australia.

Run in partnership with BirdLife Australia, the annual Budding Birdos program introduces participants to birding and citizen science. Participants are guided through social events, skilled workshops and participation in social bird surveying to monitoring Sydney Park’s unique birdlife.

The next Budding Birdos intake will commence in early 2020. Find out more by signing up to our Urban Ecology newsletter or contacting the City’s Urban Ecology Coordinator on 02 9265 9333.


A BioBlitz is an event where people come together to look for native plants and animals in a specific area, over a short period of time. These events are sometimes also called an inventory or census. The aim is to find and identify as many different species as possible.

BioBlitzes are important for our conservation efforts. They help us understand the wildlife living in our city, and which urban parks are being used by local wildlife. We use what we learn to make Sydney a better place for native plants and animals to live.

In 2018, the City ran a BioBlitz in Sydney Park. It attracted over 300 participants who assisted in recording 133 species in 24 hours.

The next BioBlitz is being planned for the near future.

Other opportunities at the City

Find out more about other volunteering opportunities in the City of Sydney.

If you are interested in urban ecology internships, please contact the City on 02 9265 9333.

Last updated: Monday, 7 September 2020