Car share

Car share

Car share operators in the city


Car sharing supports community transit and environmental goals, including:

  • decreasing personal car ownership
  • reducing vehicle distance travelled
  • improving urban land use and development
  • providing affordable access to vehicles for everyone
  • motivating residents to walk, cycle and take buses and trains
  • decreasing dependence on fossil fuels while reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

For residents

  • is a substitute for car ownership
  • provides access to a vehicle when required
  • social – mobility for low income households
  • enables many people to use one vehicle.

For business

  • access to a vehicle for business use
  • employees can avoid driving to work
  • reduces fleet costs.

For the City

  • environmental – reduced vehicle ownership.

Car share locations

Use the map below to find an on-street share car near you. The spaces are approximate locations and this map is only a guide.

The car share operators listed above will have up-to-date locations.

Car sharing and the City

The City installed its first car sharing parking space in 2008. Since then, over 800 dedicated on-street car share parking spaces have been added to the network (less than 2% of all kerbside parking). In addition, our local planning controls will increase the number of car sharing spaces provided in new commercial and residential developments.

Residents and businesses in the City of Sydney area hold over 50,000 car share memberships. Car share users typically avoid or reduce car ownership, resulting in fewer cars on city streets, reducing competition for parking and vehicle emissions.

Find a share car near you

Please note, it may take up to 3 months for new car share locations to be updated on this map following Council approval.

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Last updated: Friday, 1 May 2020