Car pooling

Car pooling

Car pooling

Sustainable travelling options such walking, cycling and public transport are encouraged by the City.

However, the City recognises car travel maybe a preferable option in some instances, particularly for people travelling to or from areas with limited public transport options.

The City advocates these people consider using car pooling for at least some of their trips.

Car pooling benefits the wider community through easing congestion on the roads, reducing carbon emissions and making roads safer through fewer cars.

People participating in car pooling save money on fuel, tolls, parking and vehicle wear and tear.

Many state government agencies, hospitals, universities and several NSW councils are already supporting car pooling by providing dedicated parking spaces for members. NSW Carpool is a free mobile app designed to support the move.

Transport for NSW has shown its support through funding services such as Western Sydney Carpool, established in 2010.

The organisation’s website assists people to connect with others travelling to similar work or study locations in western Sydney.

Membership has been steadily increasing and members car pooling 2 days a week are saving up to $750 a year in fuel and reducing their carbon footprint by 2.6 tonnes.


Last updated: Monday, 4 November 2013