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Urban forest

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Growing our tree canopy

Sydney will become even leafier and healthier under our plans to green the city, helping reduce power bills as well as beautifying inner-city properties. The City of Sydney's urban forest is set to grow up to 50% by 2030.

The environmental, economic and social benefits of trees and plants will be maximised under our Urban Forest Strategy helping us to:

  • maintain, protect and improve the age spread of existing trees
  • increase tree canopy cover in streets, parks, and private property
  • increase diversity with limits on particular tree families, genera and species
  • engage and educate the community about the benefits of trees
  • support the community to take part in greening Sydney. 

In 2008, the City's tree canopy covered around 15.5% of the local area:

  • 6.6% of private land (61.7% of total land use)
  • 4.9% on roads (22.7% of total land use)
  • 4.1% in parks (15.6% of total land use).

For more details, you can download our Urban Forest Strategy.

Urban forest benefits

Urban forests play a vital role in the health, social framework and economic sustainability of a city. Trees work for us every day, improving our environment and quality of life.

In just 12 months, one mature tree can absorb 3,400 litres of stormwater, filter 27kg of pollutants from the air and provide a cooling effect equivalent to running 10 air conditioners continuously.

Free trees

We encourage Sydneysiders to help green the city with our free tree giveaway

Tree policies

Our tree policies outline how we are protecting and enhancing the City's urban forest

Significant trees

Trees listed in our Register of Significant Trees have been chosen based on their historical, cultural, social, ecological and outstanding visual appeal.

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Last updated: Thursday, 4 April 2019