Royal Australian Regiment Memorial

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Installed 1976
The trunks of four palm trees and some decorative plants partially obstruct the view of a sandstone wall decorated with bronze bas-relief sculptures of soldiers. In front of the wall is a shallow fountain.
Bronze bas-relief sculptures of three soldiers taking cover behind sandbags and foliage. One aims a rifle, one holds a rifle at rest, and one holds binoculars near his face.
A sandstone wall with bronze bas-relief sculptures, including four Australian soldiers taking cover behind sandbags and foliage, the crest of the Royal Australian Regiment, and text listing various locations and date of past wars.

A curved sandstone wall with bronze relief sculptures commemorates the foundation of Australia’s first regular operational infantry regiment.

Artist: Dennis Adams

Artwork description

The memorial consists of a gently curved wall of Sydney sandstone onto which a series of bronze bas-relief sculptures are attached to represent the soldiers of the original 3 battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment. An infantryman standing in front represents the 9 battalions that served in South East Asia.

The sandstone wall measures 8.23m metres in length and 1.5m in height. In front of the wall is a small pond with decorative aquatic plants.

The memorial was erected to commemorate the foundation of Australia’s first regular operational infantry regiment and is located in a small pedestrianised square, known as Regimental Square, between George Street and Wynyard Lane.

This war memorial is one of only a few commemorating the wars in South East Asia.

It remembers soldiers who fought in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Malaya and Borneo.


Dennis Adams was born in Sydney in 1914 and studied at the Royal Art Society in Sydney and Royal Academy School in London. He joined the 18th Battalion, and was later seconded to the Department of Home Security for camouflage work on RAAF stations.

In 1942, he was appointed war artist and in 1943 made Captain in the Military History Section of the Australian Imperial Force. He went on to serve in New Guinea, Middle East, Italy, Egypt, UK, France, Belgium, Newfoundland, Canada, the Bahamas, US and Japan. Adams received the Order of Australia Medal in 1989.

The Royal Australian Regiment Association chose Adams for this work following a recommendation by Sir William Dargie. Adams had already undertaken several other sculptures including some for the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

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