Stonemasons Monument

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Installed 1981
A block of sandstone with a central panel with an inscription about Sydney's stonemasons. Around the inscription is a carved border including floral and Greek key elements, and to either side of the panel are carved floral motifs.
A piece of sandstone carved with a relief of a flower. The flower has five petals that curl at the tips and rests atop a stem with leaves.
A block of sandstone shaped like an uneven octagon, with four long sides and four short sides. On one short side is a carved relief of a nettle flower and leaves, and along one of the long sides is an inscription with a decorative border.

A monument commemorating the site of a stone yard where masons worked from 1915 to 1948.

Artist: Unknown

Artwork description

This octagonal-sided sandstone monument commemorates the site of Wimbo Reserve, which was previously owned by Stewart Bros and used as a stone yard from 1915 to 1948. After this, the City of Sydney established the site for its own stonemasons’ and bricklayers’ depot and later moved the depot to Ultimo.

It was proposed that a large block of Sydney sandstone, treated with several stone-facing techniques and bearing an explanatory plaque referring to the previous history of the site, be placed prominently in the park. It displays several facing techniques and has decorative relief work, including borders, thistle, clover, plants and explanatory text on all sides.

The top of the object has a circular concave surface and it rests on a raised, black cement base.


An inscription on one side of the monument reads:

Wimbo Park was the site of Sydney City Council’s stoneyard from 1955 to 1981. Here masons dressed stone in a variety of forms and shapes for many city projects.

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