United we stand, divided we fail the future

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Installed 2008
Brightly painted human like figures on a fence in a crowd formation
Mural painted on a fence in a park next to a seating area and grass
Mural with a metal stencil pattern overlaid in black material

The local community collaborated to create this artwork with its message of unity and harmony.

Artists: Bronwyn Bancroft and Dale Jones Evans 

Artwork description

United we stand, divided we fail the future was created by a collaboration between Aboriginal artist Bronwyn Bancroft and architect Dale Jones-Evans with input from the local community. This bright fence forms a backdrop to the Hugo Street Reserve in Redfern.

The work depicts Bronwyn’s many-coloured custodian forms representing the spirits of the land protecting the people now. Dale Jones-Evans’ laser cut screens make a kind of foliage of abstracted filtered light patterns.

This work was commissioned as part of the upgrade of Hugo Street Reserve. Local children were involved in painting the spirit forms, which were developed as stencils.


Bronwyn Bancroft creates her own signature style of contemporary artwork which continues to be exhibited nationally and internationally. Over the past 30 years her diverse artistic practice has included public art commissions, imagery design for private commission and authoring and illustrating children’s books.

Dale Jones-Evans Architecture has 30 years of expertise creating award winning, globally recognised architecture and interior design.

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