Western Distributor road network improvements

Transport for NSW is proposing to make changes to the road network in Pyrmont and its connections to the Western Distributor Motorway between Anzac Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Project Status: Closed

Public consultation period to

What they’re doing 

Transport for NSW will carry out a series of works at intersections in Pyrmont and on the Western Distributor between the Anzac Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A review of environmental factors explains the proposed works and their impacts.

The package of works includes:

  • constructing a new on-ramp from Fig Street to the Western Distributor
  • increasing the number of traffic lanes on Allen Street from 3 to 4 lanes and removing parking
  • removing one signalised pedestrian crossing leg at the intersection of Allen and Harris streets
  • widening the Pyrmont Bridge Road off-ramp from one to 2 lanes with line marking
  • converting a zebra crossing to a signalised pedestrian crossing at the Pyrmont Bridge Road off-ramp
  • installing 3 new electronic variable speed gantries on the Anzac Bridge to help manage traffic flows.

Work is expected to start in 2023 and take around 2 years to complete.

Review the proposal and comment

Members of the public can review the proposal and comment using the online form on the project's web page.

For assistance using the online form, contact Service NSW on 1300 305 695 or [email protected].

The submission period closes on Friday 28 October.

Transport for NSW has advised the City of Sydney that it will not extend the exhibition period for community and stakeholders. 

The City of Sydney has prepared detailed feedback, which you can view below.

Public feedback will inform the construction methodology and scheduling. Following the exhibition period, a submissions report will be made public. All comments will receive a response.

Lord Mayor letter

The Lord Mayor has written a letter to the community outlining her concerns about the proposed works.
Letter from Lord Mayor to residents, 14 October 2022PDF · 247.48 KB · Last modified

City of Sydney’s submission

The Transport for NSW Western Distributor road network improvements proposal will have substantial negative impacts on people, place and safety in Pyrmont and Ultimo.

Find out more

Visit the Western Distributor Road Network Improvements project web portal.

View and comment on the review of environmental factors.

Meet the project team face-to-face or on a community live-stream.