Expression of interest: Join the City of Sydney’s photography and videography supplier panel

Project Status: Closed

Photographers and videographers, here’s your chance to contribute to your local community and see your work on channels including the City of Sydney’s website, social media and outdoor media.

The City of Sydney photography and videography panel will support our internal content creation capabilities for a period of up to 5 years. This is a paid opportunity. 

We’re seeking professionals in the following categories.

About this opportunity

The City is looking to establish a Photography and Videography Services Panel that will source and supply photography and videography services as required by the City. If and when the City requires any Photography or Videography Services under one of the categories, it will issue a Statement of Work to the Panel which will be completed by the City with all relevant particulars in respect of the Services. 

  • You may nominate for one or more categories according to your skills and experience.
  • The City of Sydney requires completed image release forms for all identifiable people in photographs or video footage. The City of Sydney has an online form which is available by QR code. You should consider resources required for completing image release forms into your response, such as an assistant.
  • You may nominate a team including designated roles such as lead photographer, post-production/distribution assistant.
  • As a City of Sydney supplier, you’ll be responsible for providing your own gear and insurances.
  • You will assign the rights and interests in the photographs and video footage to the City of Sydney, and the City of Sydney will grant you a licence to use the photographs and video footage (unless otherwise specified).
  • We will credit the photographer in the following manner wherever feasible: City of Sydney / Photographer name.

Photography examples

Woman sits facing a bright sculpture on a sunny day
The historic Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park at night
Man in suit stands in front of Sydney Town Hall's grand organ

Selected suppliers will be required to accept the terms outlined in our Standing Offer Deed.

Standing Offer Deed.PDF · 421.88 KB · Last modified

How to nominate

Nominate using the online form, including a portfolio of your relevant work, aligned to the categories you are nominating for and an overview of your experience, capabilities and qualifications.

Nominations are now closed.


Nominations will be evaluated according to:

  • Demonstrated experience in works of a similar nature
  • Capability to deliver images/video in line with the City of Sydney’s requirements
  • Quality of supplied portfolio

Key dates 

  • Nominations open: Monday 9 October 
  • Nominations close: Monday 30 October   
Shortlisted nominees will be invited to complete a formal request for quotation, which will require additional information.