Redfern Park major upgrade works

Redfern Park’s $32 million facelift opened up the area around the playing field to provide much-needed open space.

Project Status: Completed

What we’re doing

The aim of the oval refurbishment was to provide sporting, athletic and recreational opportunities for a broad range of community, school and sporting groups.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs were an integral part of the overall project. The upgrade guaranteed a professional level training ground for the team, together with facilities such as change rooms, a weights room, meeting room and storage.

It now allows a limited number of pre-season and exhibition matches, with perimeter fencing to protect the field.

The City of Sydney manages the new facility for the whole community and provides a high level of maintenance to ensure quality control of the training field.

Grandstand and oval

Works included:

  • creating more open space by removing the old grandstands, high concrete walls and fences
  • constructing of the state-of-the-art sports field
  • improving spectator facilities by installing the grass terraces and building the new grandstand
  • providing new training facilities for the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club and playing facilities for local teams
  • building a new kiosk and room for club and community use.

The park

Works included:

  • planting of new trees, shrubs and grass, including fig trees in the southern half of the park
  • installing the new children’s playground and interactive water feature
  • upgrading of all the paths and kerbs
  • installing the new lights and park furniture
  • restoring the park’s historic features such as the fountain and war memorial.