Butterscotch Park in North Rosebery

Newly-planted garden beds line a path in a park. The path has several benches along it, and a children’s play area and a lawn are in the background.
Several short, newly-planted palm trees in a garden bed in front of a children’s play area, which is in front of an apartment building with balconies.
A park with a plater bed full of young plants. In the background is a playground and a lawn.

On the site of the former Sweetacres factory of James Stedman Henderson, this multipurpose accessible park has a large open lawn area surrounded by native plants. It features a children’s playground and seating, on-leash area for dogs, and nearby cafes.


  • Children’s play equipment included

    A playground is located within the park, with equipment for younger and older age groups.

  • Picnic area included

  • Dog on-leash included

  • Seating included

    Benches with backs and armrests.


  • Mobility parking within 300m included

    On Confectioners Way near Crewe Place.

  • Ramp access included

    From Confectioners Way.

  • Parking included

    Street parking.