Licence for a market in Martin Place

We invite your feedback on a proposal for stalls between Pitt and Castlereagh streets, Sydney.

Project Status: Closed

Public consultation period to

What we’re doing

A proposal has been received for a market to operate on Thursdays from 12pm to 9pm.

The market would offer high-quality goods, artisan products, gourmet food and entertainment. The market aims to showcase local artisans, support local businesses and create a livelier city centre.

The licence would be offered for 12 months.

How you can give feedback

Give your feedback by completing an online form.

Online form

Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 16 March 2020.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation's name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your submission.

Other ways you can give feedback