Proposal to name Prince Alfred Park lawn Equality Green

Marking the anniversary of the successful marriage equality postal survey.

Project Status: Closed

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What we’re doing

We are proposing to mark the 1-year anniversary of the marriage equality postal survey by naming the central lawn at Prince Alfred Park Equality Green.

This is the site where on 15 November 2017, 30,000 people gathered in solidarity to rally and hear the results of the postal survey.

Shortly after 10am, the Australian statistician revealed that over 60% of Australians had voted for marriage equality. Cheers and jubilant shouts of “yes” rang out across the park.

This will not change the official name of Prince Alfred Park. Naming the central lawn of Prince Alfred Park ‘Equality Green’ will serve as a permanent commemorative reminder of a significant event in Australia's history.

Proposed area for 'Equality Green'

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Consultation closes at 5pm on Saturday 15 December 2018.

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