Get help with drainage problems on your property

These issues can quickly become serious if they're not addressed. Contact a licensed plumber to carry out inspections and maintenance.

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Our role

If you are concerned that your neighbours are not helping to have a drainage problem fixed, we can intervene where there is a risk to public safety. We can also investigate complaints about private drainage that are not resolved by building owners.

We have the power to issue a property owner with an order to repair broken sewer or stormwater drainage pipes to ensure premises are kept in a safe and healthy condition.

Under the law, we also have the power to direct the occupier or owner of the premise to immediately engage a licensed plumber to investigate and repair a damaged or blocked sewer system.

Sydney Water

Mains sewers are the responsibility of Sydney Water. You can obtain copies of drainage plans from Sydney Water to see who shares certain sections of the pipe network.

You should contact Sydney Water immediately if you notice sewage is coming from a utility hole cover on the road or footpath.