Reuse waste water from your property

Collected safely, it can be used to irrigate lawns and gardens. It's not suitable for drinking and the cleaning products that are washed down the drain may harm the environment.

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What you need to do

Ways to re-use greywater

Other information

Advantages of greywater re-use

  • Human bacteria found in greywater when we wash is digested by organisms in the soil
  • Cleaning product particles are broken down and absorbed by plants
  • Helps to preserve drinking water which is a precious resource
  • Reduces the amount of water and sewage diverted to oceans and rivers
  • Helps to reduce water bills
  • Ensures gardens are watered in dry periods

Tips for safe grey water use

  1. Use only on plants that humans won’t eat or touch
  2. Use only second rinse water
  3. Don’t use water that has washed nappies
  4. Make sure greywater does not pool on the ground surface
  5. Don’t over water plants
  6. Use greywater within 24 hours
  7. Don’t use when residents are sick
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