Register your swimming pool

Make a lodgement with the state government and ensure safety features are maintained.

Fee is payable for the new registration in accordance to our fees and charges document.

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What you need to do

When to apply for a compliance certificate

A compliance certificate is required or an occupation certificate that is less than 3 years old for swimming pools located on residential premises with multiple tenants or tourist/visitor accommodation not on public land.

A compliance certificate is also required for any property which is for sale or lease.

Before you apply for a swimming pool compliance certificate, your pool must be registered.

Get an exemption from council

You can download and complete the following form to either

  • Obtain a certificate from the City of Sydney which confirms that the swimming pool complies with the requirements of part 2 Swimming Pools Act 1992
  • To seek an exemption from the City of Sydney for all or any of the requirements of part 2 of the act.
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After you finish

Maintain your pool

  • Regularly check that the gate self-closes and self-latches. Spray hinges and locks regularly with lubricating oil and immediately replace faulty parts.
  • Regularly check and adjust the latching device as needed to ensure it is operating correctly and has not been affected by the ground, fence or latch movement.
  • Regularly check fencing panels for correct gaps, rust and wear and tear.
  • Regularly check all fence bolts, screws and fasteners to make sure they are tight and in good order. Any loose bolts, screws and fasteners should be tightened or replaced.
  • Make sure trees, shrubs, barbecues, pot plants, toys, ladders, chairs and other objects are not within the non-climbable zone of the fence and are stored as far away from the fence as possible.
  • Always leave your filter covered and chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Always supervise children around a pool and teach them to swim from an early age.
  • Consider learning CPR in case of an emergency and ensure that a compliant instructional chart is visible from within the pool enclosure.