Community sharps

We need to manage disposal safely to prevent needlestick injury in our public places, at home and for workers who remove waste or clean facilities.

A stainless steel community sharps bin placed outdoors. The bin is rectangular and has a small opening at the top for disposing of needles safely, as well as 2 purple stickers on the front of the bin indicating its purpose.

Apply for a sharps bin

If you’re a local pharmacy and wish to be included in our community sharps program, or a community member who wishes to apply for a sharps bin in your local area, apply here.

Community sharps are needles, syringes and lancets that are used to administer medications and drugs outside a clinical setting.

Whether or not a community sharp is used for medication or drug use, sharps are to be treated as clinical waste, like they would be in a hospital.

Local councils have a number of community sharps bins installed in community centres, libraries, parks and public toilets to encourage discarded sharps to be managed separately from general waste.

Find your nearest sharps bin