Sydney Park voluntary management proposal

We manage the former landfill site and regularly monitor gas levels.

View from a high-point looking out over wetlands, walkways, trees and the industrial chimneys in the background.

Sydney Park was formerly the site of major landfill and brickmaking activities.

Monitoring landfill gas levels is standard practice in managing historic landfill sites nationally and overseas.

Methane is commonly found in landfill gas and is a by-product of organic materials such as food and garden waste when it decomposes.

Past testing has shown elevated concentrations of methane and carbon dioxide inside the park and along its perimeter. Elevated readings of landfill gases are immediately reported to the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

The Environment Protection Authority has declared the park as a contaminated site under the Contaminated Land Management Act. 

In November 2019, we lodged a voluntary management proposal which outlines further investigations into better monitoring and control of landfill gasses at the site. The Environment Protection Authority approved our lodgement in January 2020 and we now manage the site in line with this voluntary management proposal.

As part of this voluntary management proposal, the park, including some surrounding roads, footpaths and adjacent buildings, is regularly monitored.

Park use and monitoring

You can continue to use the park as normal. Exposure to methane is considered low risk in open spaces such as parks as it dissipates and can’t concentrate.

We regularly monitor Sydney Park, its surrounds and adjoining buildings. Fire and Rescue NSW tested surrounding residential and business properties in November 2018 and declared all buildings safe. 

If elevated levels of landfill gases are detected at any time, we’ll notify the Environment Protection Authority.

We’re developing long-term solutions with the appointed environmental consultant.

If you have questions, you can contact us on 02 9265 9333.