Views of Sydney Park in the early morning with trees and industrial chimneys in the distance and a jogger running up the hill.
Several dogs and their owners gather around a waterhole at the park
Two children play on stepping stones in the water

A multi-award-winning regional park with extensive off-leash areas, rolling hills, large playground, children’s cycle track, skate park, wetlands, sports oval and outdoor fitness areas.


  • Barbecues included

    Barbecue and picnic areas dotted throughout the park.

  • Public toilets included

  • Shaded areas included

    Seating and trees throughout the park. 

  • Dog off-leash included

    At all times. Extensive off-leash areas with a paddling pool for dogs.

    Prohibited areas: Wetlands, Alan Davidson Oval, Sydney Park Cycling Centre, playground, barbecue areas.

Sydney skate park

Sydney skate park

Largest public flow bowl in Sydney.

  • Largest public flow bowl in Sydney.
  • Expansive plaza area with rails, ledges and banks, plus a beginner bowl area.
  • Zones to suit every ability and style of skating, scooting and BMX riding.
  • 3 metre-deep flow bowl for skaters and riders looking to push their skills.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Lights on at night until 9pm.

Children’s bike track

The award-winning track is next to the Sydney Park Cycling Centre. It has a shaded learn-to-ride area where kids can take part in bike clinics and courses. Tackle the twists, turns and challenges that help city kids to learn safe riding skills.

Sydney Park Bike Track has won an award

Kids of all ages can enjoy the award winning bike track at Sydney Park.

Also at Sydney Park

Projects and programs

See how we have been improving Sydney Park’s infrastructure.

Drone safety rules

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations state that drones are prohibited from flying over or in the approach and departure path of an airport.