A community vision for Haymarket

In August and September 2022, more than 1,150 people shared their ideas for the future of Haymarket. This helped build a community vision for Haymarket.

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We engaged with the community and stakeholders to understand what makes Haymarket special, the places that people love and what could be improved.

We heard from more than 1,150 people, including residents, workers, visitors, business associations, cultural groups and organisations.

Feedback will help to create a vision for Haymarket and map out priorities for the future of the area. Our summary report details the key findings of this work. You can also download the full engagement outcomes report.


  • More than 1,150 people shared their ideas for the future of Haymarket
  • Around 110 people attended the Lord Mayor’s forum
  • More than 950 community surveys were completed in English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Thai, Korean and Indonesian
  • 82% of survey respondents think it is very important Haymarket is culturally diverse, welcoming and safe
  • 83% would like to see more events and activities on the street including outdoor dining
  • 91% of survey respondents go to Haymarket for the restaurants and cafes
  • 90% of survey respondents would like to see more creative lighting across Haymarket.

Read the community vision for Haymarket – summary report

A community vision for HaymarketPDF · 1.02 MB · Last modified
Haymarket的未来愿景PDF · 453.42 KB · Last modified
禧市 (Haymarket) 的未來展望PDF · 473.3 KB · Last modified
Haymarket (헤이마켓)의 미래 비전PDF · 313.73 KB · Last modified
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Read the full engagement outcomes report

Haymarket vision engagement outcomes reportPDF · 1.31 MB · Last modified