Oxford Street strategic review engagement report

This report provides a summary of community engagement we undertook in 2020 to inform our Oxford Street strategic review.

Oxford Street strategic review engagement report

There is strong community support for the intention to revitalise Oxford Street and to protect the area as a loved and valued precinct.


  • Oxford Street should remain a safe and welcoming place for all, in particular for LGBTIQ communities.
  • Participants told us they value the strong social, cultural and heritage connections between the Oxford Street precinct and LGBTIQ communities.
  • Taylor Square is considered a special place that provides an opportunity to celebrate LGBTIQ history and become the heart of the Oxford Street cultural and creative precinct.
  • These approaches to revitalising the area all received support:
    • making Oxford Street a cultural and creative precinct
    • accommodating the right mix of diverse businesses and affordable spaces
    • reviewing the planning approaches for Oxford Street and surrounds
    • creating a local destination through events and activations.
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