Queen Victoria, QVB

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Installed 1987
Close view of the upper half of a bronze sculpture of Queen Victoria, seated, wearing a crown and holding a sceptre and an orb. In the background is the sandstone facade of the Queen Victoria Building.
Crowds of people hurry past a bronze sculpture of Queen Victoria, seated atop a sandstone plinth on a street corner by the Queen Victoria Building.
Side view of a bronze sculpture of Queen Victoria, seated, wearing a crown and holding a sceptre.

Queen Victoria presides over the Druitt Street entrance to the Queen Victoria Building from atop her sandstone pedestal.

Artist: John Hughes 

Artwork description

Standing 3m high this bronze statue depicts Queen Victoria seated on a bronze throne, atop a tall triangular sandstone pedestal.

She wears a gown that falls in graceful folds over the top of the pedestal at the front, and a cloak that falls over the back. In her right hand she holds a sceptre.

It is located in the Queen Victoria Building plaza on the corner of George and Druitt streets.

The statue was installed outside the front of the Queen Victoria Building during restoration work in the 1980s. It serves as a meeting place and provides a focal point for the plaza in front of the building. 

The Queen Victoria Building, originally known as the Queen Victoria Market Building, was built in the late 1800s and dedicated to Queen Victoria to commemorate her diamond jubilee.


Sculptor John Hughes was born in Dublin in 1865 and died in 1941. He worked in Dublin and also, for a time, in Paris, as a sculptor of religious figures and groups, portraits, busts and bas-reliefs. He exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy from 1915–1945.

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